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Host a
Crunk Training 

1.    Crunk Cardio GOSPEL® Instructor Certification Courses are preferred to be scheduled with as much notice in advance as    

       possible. Courses must be scheduled a minimum of 8 weeks in advance. For Ex.: Reserve date in July for September

      certification  course.

2.    Host facilities are required to have a minimum of 10 individuals registered for the Crunk Cardio GOSPEL Instructor

        Certification Course to host the training. There is no money exchanged between Crunk Cardio GOSPEL and the hosting facility.
        The  certification course must be purchased online at

3.   A Crunk Cardio GOSPEL Consultant is assigned to the host facility to assist with all questions regarding the certification course
       and registration. The Crunk Cardio GOSPEL Consultant only communicates with the host facility...not registered participants.

4.   The host facility will be provided with one FREE Crunk Cardio GOSPEL Instructor Certification registration for an individual.         
       The Crunk Cardio GOSPEL Consultant will register this individual as FREE one week before the scheduled certification course.

5.   Group discounts are available for groups of 8 or more and must all register at the same time to receive the group rate.
       The Crunk Cardio GOSPEL Consultant will provide all assistance ,pricing, & handle payments for group rates.
       Group rates are not purchased online. Individuals that are not affiliated with groups will register at

6.    Hosting a training is free of charge to the host facility, and there is no monthly fee for a facility to use the Crunk Cardio GOSPEL®
        name as long as The instructor has  been trained by Crunk Cardio GOSPEL® and maintains  a current Crunk Cardio GOSPEL   


7.    The Host facility will be responsible for providing adequate sound, a stereo system with ipod auxiliary capabilities,
        3-4 individuals (including the FREE individual)  available the night before and morning of registration, and at the end of
        the  certification course to assist in set up, registration, break down, and all other certification course needs. The host facility is
        also responsible for providing a representative to assist with  marketing, registration, and all other related needs.

​8.     The Host facility will be required to provide the Crunk Cardio GOSPEL Consultant with 4 banquet size tables (8 foot) for  

        registration, and 1 banquet size table (8 foot) for the LIVE Dj set chair per table is required. For presentation 

        purposes, the host facility will need to provide a projection screen or all white wall space.

9.    The Host facility will be provided with a flyer to distribute by the Crunk Cardio® consultant. Host facility is required to assist
         in distributing flyers, posting the certification training on their social media sites,  and marketing the certification  training by
         networking with area instructors, members, local and regional contacts, facilities, and fitness centers. Specific guidelines and
​         verbiage for social media site posting is provided by the Crunk Cardio GOSPEL Consultant.

10.   If there is a lack of registrants/interest, or if extenuating circumstances arise...Crunk CardioGOSPEL® reserves the right to   

        cancel any  training up to seven (7) days from the scheduled certification training date.

11. The host facility is expected to make every effort to hold the event as scheduled, once the host facility has committed to a
          certification training date. If the host is unable to provide the stated facility due to extenuating circumstances, the host facility
          will be required to provide Crunk Cardio GOSPEL® with an alternative in the local area of equal size.