1.  Decide what type of event you would like Shauna Marie to host.
Crunk Cardio GOSPEL® Party
Master Classes
Special Event 
Motivational Speaking Engagements
All events come with the Live DJ 
Booking is also available for television and film

2.  Email us your anticipated event date and time.  Shauna Marie's 2018 schedule is filling up quickly and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please provide your top 3 dates and times. If your first date is unavailable, we will resort to your second date. If your second date is unavailable, we will resort to your third date. If all of your anticipated dates are unavailable, a Crunk Cardio GOSPEL® with Shauna Marie representative will contact you and provide you with available dates to choose from.

3.  Once your event date and time has been approved, you will receive an email with a date confirmation, and a phone call to complete your booking process.  A date is not reserved until you have purchased your booking package. Please note that Crunk Cardio, LLC is located in the Spartanburg/Greenville, SC area.  All events scheduled within 30 minutes of our location do not require travel and hotel accommodations. All events scheduled 1 hour or more outside of our location require travel and hotel accommodations.  Travel and hotel accommodations are specified prior to you purchasing a booking package.

4. Completely fill out the information form below.   Allow 24-48 hours for a Crunk Cardio GOSPEL® with Shauna Marie representative to contact you with complete booking details.
Why? Crunk Cardio GOSPEL® with Shauna Marie has proven year after year, to be the #1 and HOTTEST Holy Ghost Dance Party in the nation! 
                    With over 20 years of dance experience, and an extensive resume of performing
              for national artists as a hip hop dancer...Shauna Marie brings the most cutting edge, and  high-energy experience you could ever imagine.
Thousands of people have lost weight, increased self-confidence and become addicted to not only Shauna Marie's infectious energy, music mixes with a LIVE Dj, and outrageously fun
dance moves, but to the bond formed with each other through the medium of motivating,
encouraging, and inspiring one another...they become family and the experience is life-changing.


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