DREAMit.    BELIEVE it.   BE  it.

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Shauna Marie is the Creator and Founder of Crunk Cardio LIVE®  and welcomes you  to the 1st & ONLY dance party ministry!  I know, you expected me to tell you that the Crunk Cardio LIVE®  program is all about fitness...it's not. It's All About YOU! My goal is to give every person a makeover from the inside-out...if your inward reflection is positive, your outward reflection will be positive as well.  I am committed to helping you  combat your fears, insecurities, and inadequacies  with motivation, encouragement,  inspiration, and empowerment,  so  you can completely love  the person you see in the mirror again.   

Your Time Is Now

Take a moment to ponder on all the titles that you hold...mother, father, teacher, nurse, entrepreneur,  maid, cook, sister, brother, counselor, etc...all of these titles are extremely important in our lives, but when do you take the time for you...dedicating the time to finally take care of yourself, and  nurture your dreams?  
Let me say it for you, "NOW."  No more making excuses, no more tomorrows...your time to achieve greatness is right now.  Let's dance our way into the perfect shape, build our confidence, and have fun doing it!

P.U.S.H.  Party Until Something Happens

There's NO party, like a Crunk Cardio Live®  party with Shauna Marie! Unlike most dance-fitness programs, Crunk Cardio Live®  does not stress you learning routines and choreography...this is TRULY a party!   Thousands of  Crunkers attend the outrageously fun classes that are jammed full of  the hottest dance moves, crazy crunk music w/a Live DJ, her infectious energy, and  CRUNKspiration...no class, or routine is EVER the same, and you couldn't stop dancing if someone paid you to.